Anti-Pirate fleet Edit

Exon with the rising number of pirates in the galaxy decided to create a small quick reaction fleet with upgraded engines and smart AI abilities to combat the pirates and be on constant patrol around the Sangheilios territories. Although only consisting of at most a Covenant Assualt Carrier 2 Reverance class crusiers and 4 CCS cruisers with heavy AA and torpedo cababilities they keep the peace from pirates constantly trying to chase down the infamous Akula fleet.

Exon Foreign Legion Edit

Since Exon lists the Laffy 3 fleet as a foreign legion meaning that anyone can join or leave it during the conscription periods on the planets where they stop which adds to their ship numbers trying to catch the pirates. And go where the normal Exon fleet can't such as the Citadel to try and catch pirates at their shipping.

Ships Edit

1 Class B Super Soyuz Class Battleship

4 Class B 'Chavam Class Cruisers

6 Droid Legion Munificents

Ships Edit

USSR Sulaco II - Vasya 'Chavam

USSR Sephora II

USSR Shadow of Ret.

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