Weyland Yutani Mech-Warrior Edit

The first of the Weyland Yutani "Mech Warrior" series developed for the Exon military will form the vanguard of all Exon military actions. Boasting an incredible top speed at 167 kmph with a reconnaissance loadout, the locuse weighs all but 20 tons. Easy to produce and incredibly effective at hitting defenses it makes a great spot to fill in the more expensive Apocalypse Tanks ranks.


The LCT-3M

Weapons Edit

The Locust has an incredible array of weaponry available for fit. Capable of filling every situation its needed for.

  • ECM - The ECM is great for confusing missiles and tracking systems to add onto its speed making it twice as hard to hit.
  • AMS - The Anti-missile system is a complex Weyland-Yutani developed system great for sorting out missiles that would hit the locust and shooting them down with a 20 mm gatling gun using self destructing high explosive rounds that double as ECM Flak, further confusing missiles.
  • 120 mm Cannons - Single barreled rapid fire machine guns useful for shredding buildings, infantry, light vehicles and tanks. Nicknamed as simply "The Big Guns"
  • Long Ranged Missiles (LRM)-5/10 Missiles - Armor Peircing tiberium propelled ballistic capped missiles designed for shooting down aircraft (LRM 10) or hitting ground targets (LRM 5)
  • Short Ranged Missies (SRM) Missiles - Cheap, spammable missiles used for artillery barrages and decimating buildings.
  • Pulse Lasers - Exon has developed great and heavily damaging lasers that do a pulsing action against enemy armor causing major internal heat buildups capable of killing crew or damaging enemy mech infrastructure and parts. A good pilot can even weld with them! Welding leg joints causing enemy mechs to fall.

Mechanics/Armor Edit

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