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Kurenai Yuhi (夕日紅, Yuhi Kurenai) is a jonin level Kuniochi from the Village Hidden in the Leaves. She is also leader of Team Kurenai, which is a genin team consisting of Hinata Hyuga, Shino Aburame, Kiba Inuzuka and Akamaru.

Kurenai Yuhi

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Chunin ExamsEdit

Kurenai was present at the Chunin Exams to watch her own students, as well as others. But seeing that Shikaku Nara would have a student this year intrigued her, when she saw the boy Roku enter the arena, she asked Nara if that is him. Nara nodded, and her, Kakashi, and Guy watched closely. They all heard about him, but they all dismissed him as a goofy little boy. Soon into the fight when Roku was tossing Kabuto around like a rag doll, they started to wonder what Nara is teaching him. Kakashi asked Nara what he has been teaching Roku, only for Nara to say "Up to this point. Nothing" only for herself, Guy, and Kakashi to be impressed. Soon into the fight, Roku unvealed a technique that was meant for Neji. Herself and Guy thought it was just a different way of opening the 8 Gates. Soon after the fight, Kakashi, herself, Guy, and of course. Shikaku Nara, whent to visit Roku in the infirmary and asked him questions, such as where he came from, where dd he learn to fight prior, and his village. To confirm that he was indeed without a village. Nara mentioned that Roku was strongly leaning towards Konoha. After much conversation, Nara and Kurenai mentioned that now, many shinobi and other people now have a close watch on Roku. Both are positive and negative reasons, such as killing him. Kurenai soon used a jutsu to put Roku to sleep due to his not wanting to sleep, and they all left to discuss Roku.


Kurenai is a caring and brave woman. She shows great care and concern towards her students and takes a vested interest in their growth, her personality could be simply put as a "Big Sister" type of person.



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Demonic Illusion: Tree Binding Death Genjutsu: Flower Petal Escape String Bean Binding Illusion