Kruzikrel is a dragon born 1354 years ago on Earth, specifically in what is now Oslo, Norway.

Brendon as a Dragon
Brendon as a dragon



Birth Place



Dragon God Dynasty of Neatherealm

Social Status

God King


Elder Dragon

Primeverse Kingdom

What was Kkaupstad, modern day Oslo, Norway

Current Kingdom

No longer rules Oslo, currently residing in Neatherealm


Kruzikrel, has 2 forms

As a Dragon:

Kruzikrel recently went through a appearance change and is now a black dragon with beady white eyes and radical scales. He is much bigger and has attained new powers.

As a humanoid:

Kruzikrel has also changed his humanoid form and is essentially a humanoid version of his dragon form and is able to use his old powers, as well as his new powers in this form. This form also retains a outstanding amount of physical strength and speed. Him having wings still, he is able to fly in this form as well.


Kruzikrel, isnt exactly the most joyful person you could meet. He is serious, demanding, arrogant (which is typical from a dragon) and strongly believes his species is dominant and are put on this planet to rule. He is the oldest of 5 siblings, and just like first born is talented, ambitous, and the above mentioned traits. He is also doom driven.

Name MeaningEdit

Kruzikrel's name translates roughly to "Ancient, Dominant" in English, given to him because due to his age and nature. 

Early LifeEdit

Kruzikrel is a dragon god who grew up in the Viking Age of Norway, on Planet Earth terrorizing farms, cities, and doing other things that arent very nice. He was the first born dragon, given birth that by the ancient god Akatosh, but is mostly outshadowed by another dragon, whos name will not be mentioned/ He and a a select others were the dragons on Norse legend, they were basically kings and demanded to be treated as such. They believed that dragons are the dominant species and demand tribute to their might. Once humanity learned how to build guns and such, he had to learn how to make himself more resilent and also take on a human form, after doing both those things. He decided to go into a long slumber, until about the year of 2003. He then decided to live among the mortals, sometime during the 2500's he moved to Eden, which is where he is residing now. He changes his apperance when needed, but he can mostly be found away from prying eyes, his last appearance change was September 13, 2577.

Human FormEdit

This is Kruzikrel form he takes when he wants to have fun. He started wearing his robes from when he ruled NOrway....over a 1,000 years ago. They are very sentimental to him. ALthough after his appearance change. The robes have been in a storage case and he only wears them during ceromonal events. Due to him having to change to  human form to wear them.

Brendon (human)
Brendons True form
After his appearance change


12 FT

Eye Color


Horn color

BLack, matched his scales


His sword along with claws

RP AdventuresEdit

Kruzikrel has been very active lately, killing and pillaging various farms and terrorizing people. mostly Saitoki Gemini, Gale Terrma (which usually ends with Roku protecting her). And of course, bugging Roku, but him and Roku have a sort of connection, Brendon respects the boy.

Fighting the Orb Union agentEdit

Kruzikrel was on a colony world doing what he does best. Killing people. He was exploring a forest when he came acros Natasha Romanoff. He attempted to attack her but she ended up fighting back and with more fight then he originally thought. After a long fight Brendon started to like the mortal and has made her a friend of his. The first
Brendon human form

Brendons human form he used when he met Natasha

mortal in awhile to earn his trust.



Roku and Kruzikrel have a rocky standing, they constantly fight because of opposing views on the world. And mostly because Roku is mortal, and Brendon hates mortal kind. But Brendon doesnt want to kill him, little does Brendon know. Roku actually respects the old dragon, believing there is good in him.

Gale TerrmaEdit

Kruzikrel doesnt like Gale at all, he despise her, because she is a mortal and unlike Roku, he thinks she will not amount to anything and shimmers at the thought of the 2 possibly producing off spring. Maybe he fears that their off spring, or maybe even Gale would have something powerful stored that will prove to be his downfall.


Ruler of another area of Neatherealm, Kruzikrel was the first dragon king to make a alliance with the Undead Ninja and his band of undead

His powersEdit

Kruzikrel, over the years has learned to use powers. Aside from his own. Here is  list of them, along with his powers as a dragon.

Dragon formEdit

  • Fire breathing
  • Ice Breathing
  • Flight
  • Claws on the tips of his wings and feet
  • Super sharp teeth
  • Natural night vision

Human formEdit

  • Talent with swords
  • Super speed
  • Abnormal jumping hieght, can leap at heights to clear small 1 story buildings
  • Natural night vision
  • Able to shoot fire or ice out his hands and mouth
  • Able to tell what someone is by reading their neurological wave lengths, similiar to Soul Read and Energy sensing.

Powers after his appearance changeEdit

As is the custom, Kruzikrel was allowed to change his appearance and powers after obtaining a great feat. He added powers to his arsenal as well as a major change to his appearance

New PowersEdit

Void Burn - Able to fire a gout of Void energy at his opponent and cause a searing burning sensation and to absorb their life force. He is able to modify his void powers to his needing

Upgraded fire attacks by using hellfire. Thanks to the ruler of Neatherealm, Scorpiok

And many more

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