"After a thousand years, Korriban is ours again... welcome home."

- Darth Malgus



Cold, dry


Sith Empire (Forerunner Era)

Other names




Noteworthy facts

  • Birthplace of the Sith
  • Contains ruins of academies
  • Considered part of wild space since 100,000 BCE

Korriban, known as Moraband by the late 26th century A.D., was the ancient home planet and capital of the Sith Empire during the Forerunner Era. The Sith were prideful of their capital, especially after taking it back from the Ecumene. Their retaking of the planet is what in fact led to a resurgence in the Sith philosophy, spurning the creation of their millennia-lasting Empire a short year later as people who had abandoned the idea returned.

In the Forerunner Era, Korriban was a great and populated capital for the Sith Empire despite its unwelcoming climate. In the 26th century, being renamed Moraband by resurgent Sith, the planet is desolate and empty save for ruins.

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