A bird's eye view of Konoha

Konoha, also known as the cillage hidden in the Leaf, is a large village in the known world. Though much of the cultural influence in this village is Japanese, they are not protected by the JSDF, believing that they are well protected themselves. The village has a large group of Ninja that protect it's people, and many of the people that are able are taught in ninja training academies here. This village is the most peaceful of them all within this world.

The village is lead by a wise man known as a Hokage, who is protected by his own team of elite ninja call anbu. Here in Konoha, many of the schools teach the art of the ninja, which in this world are different from the real.
Konoha leaf

Konoha's symbol of the hidden leaf village

Konoha headband

The Shinobi headband that most Konoha ninja wear

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