Knights of Ren
"Nothing will stand in our way."




Kylo Ren




  • Viscount Kylo Ren
  • Baroness Svea Ren
  • Baron Elias Ren (Deceased)




ADVENT Coalition



The Knights of Ren are a group of former Mandalorian insurgents (dubbed terrorists by the state) trained to be one-man armies. Their goals weren't even quite clear to most members of the brotherhood until the First Order (ADVENT) was formed, but it is known that they glorify what they call the Dark Side of the Force.


The first 15 Knights of Ren were formed when Kylo Ren found 14 skilled warriors that sympathized with his point of view, putting all of them through their Rite of Passage. After this, their system of recruitment was to induct surviving warriors of their attacks. The surviving warriors were either indoctrinated, persuaded, or tortured into joining.

Each Knight of Ren after the original 15 must go through a Rite of Passage that is at least speculated to involve crafting a new Varja. Inductees that do not survive for any reason are ignored and forgotten. Knights that were tortured into joining often utilize more anger in their fighting, though most inducted by such means often don't survive their Rite.


The Knights of Ren, while glorifying the Dark Side, have an apparently neutral stance on violence - they do not appear to mindlessly seek it, but most appear to enjoy it or at the very least prefer the thrill of offensive stances during combat. They also hold themselves as superior beings to most, specifically anybody that affiliates with the Light Side of the Force. They hold few restrictions for worldly attachments.

Similarly, while the Knights do not appear to desire inflicting harm upon others, they do not shy away from it to achieve their goals. Many times they have attacked smaller towns and settlements, executing hostages to achieve what they came for. As one could expect, this is primarily what branded them as terrorists. For the sake of publicity and practicality, this practice was stopped when their private army Atlas was formed.