Real Name

Kirigiri Shigenaga



Date of Birth






Hair Colour


Eye Colour



UEG, Earth, Japan


  • Brotherhood of Enhanced

An enhanced originating from earth, Kirigiri ran a back alley bar, however not too long after his powers emerged did he suddenly vanish from his home.


Quiet and reserved, Kirigiri is a true servicemen, always listening and observing, preparing his clients wishes even before they have to say anything. Polite in both words and actions, he uses this as a disguise to keep his motivations unknown to those he wishes not to share them with.


Early HistoryEdit

The Kirigiri family has provided service for the less "noble" of society for years, reaching as far back as Edo period. Following in his families lineage, Kirigiri has provided nothing but high class service to the patrons of his bar, lending them a safe haven from the law and alibis if need be.

Though it is unknown what caused his enhanced abilities to emerge so suddenly, Kirigiri has embraced them wholeheartedly though now he serves a completely different kind of clientele as a key member of the Brotherhood of Enhanced.

Attack on Kepler BaseEdit

Kirigiri assisted in the theft of a shiva nuke from Kepler base by acting as both the transport for Neopolitan and TITAN as well as protecting Neo from the enemies bullets once they found her out. He transported the nuke using his powers to an unknown location.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Warp Gate - Kirigiri's body is made out of a dark fog, by manipulating this fog he is capable of warping anything it comes into contact with to a nearby location. He is able to create multiple exit points from which the object his fog came into contact with can emerge from.

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