Kiriga Kazuto








172 cm

Eye Color


Hair Color


Love Interests






Weapon Sets

  • Elucidator & Dark Repulsor
  • Photon Saber & Handgun

Kirigaya Kazuto is a freelancer-type character who searches for people who are in need of help. He wields two swords, named Elucidator and Dark Repulsor, with amazing proficiency and skill, claiming to be an expert swordsman.

Early LifeEdit

As a teen, Kirigaya was an avid gamer and spent most of his time playing MMORPG's. At one point, he bought a new type of game, a virtual MMORPG in which he was literally transferred into the game world. However, things soon turned for the worst as the players discovered there was no log out function, and were forced to fight for their lives to beat the game; death in this game resulted in death in real life. The game was a odd, twisted experiment by a scientist/game developer for his own personal goals. After 2 years, he beat the game and the 6000 surviving players of the original 10,000 were sent back into their real lives. His aunt and uncle then suggested he train in Kendo with his cousin after his body had recovered. During this training however, he noticed he retained many of his advanced skills from the VMMORPG. He then decided to use the "bleeding effect" to his advantage, and trained to become the freedom fighter he was.

Life with The GroupEdit

Living on Earth, Kirito eventually met with Evo, and the two almost immediately fell in love. One day, while going on a space-vacation with his cousin Suguha (who he had promised to take into space when he was 5), he witnessed a robbery in a jewelry store while awaiting the arrival of their shuttle. He tried to stop the thief, but was disarmed and had to be saved by Thomas Stark. Feeling the need to redeem himself, Kirito tracked down the thief, Killer Croc, to his hideout after his escape. After a close engagement, Thomas came back to assist Kirito in finishing off Croc. Kirito was then invited to S.W.O.R.D to be a member of the Avengers due to his impressive skills; Kirito agreed to join them after he finished his vacation. After the Avengers's enounter with the The Foot Clan, Kirito was given a handgun, basic firearms training, and a high output "Photon Saber" from Evo, in case he is ever stuck in combat where close range fighting is impossible.

Since he quit SWORD, Kirito has quietly found a job in the technology sector and helping take care of the babies. With Asuna around now, he tries to be be what is expected of him but often disappoints. As a consequence he gets thrashed about by Asuna and is sometimes forced to crossdress. He has also received threats for being a blob.

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