The Hot Wind Blowing (OST Mix)

The Hot Wind Blowing (OST Mix)

Khamsin Dunes




  • 6'5 (formally)
  • 15 Foot

Hair Colour


Eye Colour



Little Rock


  • GoH (formally)
  • "The people"

Khamsin Dunes is a former GoH marine turned cyborg who has distorted views on freedome.

Personality Edit

Khamsin believes in freedome for all, this would be good if he actually understood what this really meant. Once he has a goal set in his mind he will stop at nothing until it is accomplished even if this means a few buildings getting destroyed.


Early HistoryEdit

A former marine who first served active duty during the Conquest War of Miridem, he was once a loyal soldier who greatly contributed to the success of several operations, but his lack of flexibility and disastrous personality caused internal troubles within his own team, ultimately leading to his discharge during the UCR - UNSC war.

After seeing what happened during the war Khamsin decided that he too needed to save the helpless and used the majority of his income from the GoH to turn himself into a cyborg. His large cyborg body deviates from the regular humanoid image by essentially being more of a large mech.

Freedom for SomeEdit

Khamsin set off after his body was complete and started on the USSR planet of Venezia. He located a small farming village which was being guarded by a few Exon guards. Khamsin saw them as slaves to the USSR and attacked the and killed the guards within the town (causing a lot of property damage while doing so) and moved onto another village. After finding out about Khamsin and thinking it was not worth their time to deal with themselves, the USSR contacted S.W.O.R.D and requested the help of the Avengers. later after being debriefed the team comprised of SeptemEliaKurohai and Sergei arrived on the planet and soon ran into Khamsin and after a failed attempt to negotiate with him started to fight. Having the upper hand for a little while, Khamsin tor into the team until they managed to work together and take him down in a big group attack.

After being ripped out of his body by Sergei, Khamsin and his body were taken away by the planets military and he has been put in the gulags.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

Khamsin's primary weapon was an abnormally large battle axe with a chainsaw-like mechanism on its blade that was too heavy to lift even for him, but made up for the excessive weight with a jet propulsion mechanism for increased speed.