Kerstin Sentzke
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Kerstin Sentzke is the president of the Unified Earth Government. Born on Venezia, Sentzke was moved to Earth when the UEG returned to Venezia to prosecute her grandfather, Staffan and father Edvin, both were later exonerated. She graduated from University of Stockholm and worked at the UEG Foreign Service as a diplomat. Sentzke began her bid for presidency in 2574. She defeated the more experienced candidate, Akeyo Oduya, a former minister under Pres. Charet and was inaugarated as president on January 7, 2576.



Immediately following her appointment to President Sentzke was face with a very immediate problem from the prior administration. Relations with the UCR had deteriorated in four years since the Vagan Conflict. The UNSC High Command also refused to relent on its plans. Less than a month later the UCR and UEG went to war. In another month it was over, several billion dead and several planets reduced to nothing. During the aftermath most of the major powers agreed to sign some papers to prevent that from happening again.

For the remainder of her first year Sentzke was forced to focus her attention on rebuilding all the damaged colonies.


Her second year went fairly well; there was no shortage of jobs due to all the deaths and reconstruction going on. Military expenditure had also gone down with the limits outlined by the Citadel Treaty. A minor incident occurred during the year with the JSDF, leading to a confrontation with NUNS. This event resulted in forcing the military to relinquish the last of its emergency powers from the Human-Covenant War.


Continued support of efforts to rehabilitate damaged colonies from the Human-Covenant War and rapid expansion into neutral space between the Outer Colonies and the Vanguard and the galactic center. Due to sudden events that happened on Cineris the UEG also lent aid to rebuild their planet.

Augmented Act 2578 - A bill passed by the UEG Senate and signed by President Senztke. It covers rights of some non-humans and those with abilities.
  • Augmented peoples of foreign nationality and residing in or departing any territory of the UEG must submit to tagging.
  • Criminals with abilities may be tried by military court. Crimes committed by those with abilities may also be sterilized, sent to work or face execution.
  • Recognition of the Faunus as having the same basic rights as humans.
Synths' Rights
Freedom of Navigation - The UNSC Navy will dispatch several civilian ships and an escort in an attempt to navigate the Andromeda Galaxy regardless of any protests from NUNS.



President Sentzke negotiated The Soyuz Charter and visited the newest member of the Central Galactic Empire, Corneria. The charter secured the borrowing of several trophy ships and trade exchange between the countries. Sentzke and Premier Noah 'Chavam also toured the planet. Appointed Ciel Thiess to diplomat of Exon and Corneria.

PUB.L 418-374 To authorize the use of the UNSC Armed Forces against the Orb Union and any NUNS conspirators. Vote: 653Y-147N. Signed by President Kerstin Sentzke on 4/1/2580.  

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