Kepler Base is a UNSC military installation in the town of () on the planet (). It is home to the UNSC Army 557th Battalion, Twenty-third mechanized, 41st CBRNE, 12th UNSCAF 315th Air Wing and UNSC Navy PGC-253 Squadron. The base has around 15,000 present.


Kepler is home to 120 Intersystem Ballistic Missiles Shiva nukes kept in storage. Two were stolen.

Since the attack the nuclear weapons have been relocated and the base has been fitted with locks requiring complicated series of procedures to open. Base perimeter guns have been beefed up to medium cruiser guns with independent power. A detachment of Guardians were assigned here.


Base AttackEdit

On May 27, 2580 a suspicious person was found outside the base, found to be former Sgt Reinhard. A patrol was sent out to fetch him and arrest him. Before the suspect could be apprehended he transformed into a 15 meter being, took out the patrol and ran towards the base. The bases defenses attempted to stop him but failed. The thing attacked several buildings and soldiers causing casualties and taking out communications across the base. Below ground a despondent Elisa Hart took refuge in the sublevels of the base but grew paranoid, begging for the guards to use nukes against the thing outside. Some troops tried to subdue her but she stabbed a medic and shot up some troops. She subdued or killed everyone in the room and proceeded to the next hall. Two ODST's tried to stop her but were killed. Elisa somehow managed to gain access to the nuclear storage and took off with two 5,000 kg Shivas, managing to escape somehow. The giant also disappeared. <300 killed, 1000-2000 injured.

The base has since been reinforced and continues to operate.


The attack on Kepler was initially reported as a terrorist attack by the Office of Naval Intelligence.

Three days after the base attack the UNSC JAG discovered Pvt. Elisa Harts body in a ditch. She had been dead for at least five to seven days, before the attack on Kepler. Sgt. Reinhards appearance as a giant, "reanimation" of the deceased Private and use of Major (name) to access nuclear weapons indicated some sort of enhanced involvement. This conclusion left two potential perps; some enhanced terrorist group or NUNS.