Kayle Landon


Kayle Landon King


July 17 2575


  • 5 (2580)
  • 19 (2594)

Hair Colour


Eye Colour



UCR, Eden, November City




Kayle Landon is the adopted son of Alien-king, he spends his days on Eden with his family and has become close friends with James 'Chavam.


Kayle is a trouble maker at heart, often getting in mischief or danger due to his ill-thought-out plans. Luckily for him, he has a silver tongue and is capable of getting himself out of trouble, at least until people realise he is trying to trick them.

As he gets older these traits only grow more prominent as he sees himself as a handsome rouge who scourers the galaxy, gaining fortune and charming women.


Early HistoryEdit

Kayle was left at the Eden Orphanage at the age of 3 by his mother Jaina Landon, as she was unable to care for him due to financial issues and thought that Kayle deserved a chance at a better life.

While his time there was brief, Kayle would spend the night gazing at the stars, dreaming of what it would be like to be up there, flying through space. This was noticed by Alien during his regular visit to the orphanage and after sitting down with the kid and discussing the topic, the two became friends and later, Alien would adopted him and giving him the life his mother wanted.


In the future, Kayle has achieved his dream of travelling through space, as he now works with his childhood friend James 'Chavam as a smuggler.

Skills and EquipmentEdit


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