Kara Kul is a young Pyronite from the Planet-Star Pyros. He exists in an alternate universe scenario parallel to the Crossover Primeverse, but with elements of DC Universe.


Born to Jin and Jen Kul on Pyros, Kara Kul spent most of his youth playing with many of his friends as well as going through school. He lived a basic life until he reached the human equivalent of 12 years of age. The event that lead him to obtaining a Power ring is not clear. It is presumed at least one of the two Lanterns assigned to his sector required replacing.

How he was accepted into the Corps remains untold at this point. As part of the requirements, he would have needed to demonstrate the ability to overcome great fear. What he needed to overcome in order to be chosen for his power ring is not clear.

Kara Kul is currently a new, raw recruit in the Green Lantern Corps, undergoing training.


To be Added

​Powers and AbilitiesEdit

To be Added

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