Real Name

Anatoli Knyazev


KGBeast, Beast







Hair Colour


Eye Colour



Russian, Exon


  • Exon KGB (formally)
  • Freelance


Gun for Hire, Assassin

A former KGB agent turned mercenary, Anatoli Knyazev is believed to have killed 200 people, ranging from high ranking politicians to civilians. With his knowledge of weaponry and combat, as well has his cybernetic parts make KGBeast a deadly foe to come across.


Trained by the KGB, Anatoli is an intelligent and affective killer but his problem lies in his arrogance. He believes himself to be the best at what he does without question, scoffing at the idea of anyone who could best him. This arrogance would later lead him to underestimate a target and loose his left eye. He has absolutely no regard for human life outside of his own well-being and those whose lives further his agenda.


Early History Trained by the Exon KGB in assassination, Anatoli Knyazev, operating under the name of Beast, was known for his ruthlessness. He turned his title for his lack of regard for human life, and was known to take extreme measures to complete his mission. Such as poisoning an entire banquet of 80 people just to kill one target, or cutting off his own hand to avoid capture.

After the loss of his arm, however, the KGB lost their faith in Anatoli and assured that on his next mission he will surely die. The Beast would instead successfully pull off the mission and, learning of the KGB's distrust in him, went off the records. Exon would then presume that he died on his mission.

Despite this, Anatoli Knyazev would not fade into the either and would later resurface a year later under the new name of KGBeast and would soon make a name for himself by assassinating 5 world leaders in a nine days. He has been a fugitive for ever since, preforming high-profile acts of espionage for the highest bidder.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Cybernetic Enhancements - KGBeast has a supplemented physique due to his cybernetic enhancements.
    • Synthetic Eye - His synthetic eye offers enhanced eyesight as well has targeting and profiling systems.
    • Prosthetic Gun - Having cut off his own hand to avoid capture, KGBeast has since replaced it with a prosthetic gun. Generally an automatic, it also features a tear gas dispenser. KGBeast has impeccable aim with it.
  • Advanced Hand-to-Hand Combat - Despite having only one hand, KGBeast is still fully capable of hand-to-hand combat, even capable of putting someone with both hands to shame.
  • Demolition Expert
  • Skilled Marksmen - Both through natural skill and his synthetic eyes targeting systems.
  • Weaponry Knowledge - KGBeast has working knowledge of many guns, ranging from human to alien. He shows no discrimination in the weapon he chooses to use.