K.K. Slider

Full name

Totakeke Slider










Travelling musician

Totakeke Slider, commonly known as K.K. is a dog faunus that travels the galaxy as a musician to share his music.

Personality Edit

K.K. Slider is a hippie-style musician which is reflected in his often mellow mood and speech. He can come across as someone who wants to be liberated as he refuses to put a price on his songs. K.K. has an obvious passion for preforming for others and will work for free if it means he can share his music with people.

History Edit

Totakeke and his family lived a life of poverty for many years and so the only entrainment he had as a kid was watching the local street performers. One day a band came to town and as they played, Totakeke watched in amazement and from this gained his love for music.

In that same year for Christmas his parent put their savings together to buy him a acoustic guitar. Totakeke of course loved it and would soon join the street performers, preforming to raise money for his family.

Years later once he raised enough money for his family to live a stable life Totakeke, now going by the name K.K. started writing original work and started travelling the galaxy, preforming his music for free to anyone who will listen.

Lately K.K. has come to Eden and has been hired by Alien-king to preform at his sushi bar.


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