The Junktown gate, the only entrance to the town.






200 foot radius



Junktown is one of the few prominant settlements in the deserts of Pandora, and is reltivly safe due to the large wall the surrounds the entire town.


Junktown was originally founded by a group of enginners that were left on the planet by the company they worked for. At first the town was nothing but a small collection of metal shacks, put together using the scraps of a nearby junkyard, however after time it would expand out as more people sort shetler from the plants hostile wildlife.

Eventually it would come apparent that the town itself needed protection after it was attacked numerius times by raiders, as well as the odd skag attack. What was left of the original founders would put their heads together and put their former experience to work, they contructed a wall around the city.

The wall was made up of any spare piece of scrap metal they could find, even going as far as salvaging an old aircraft to add. Though the finish product was an eyesore, the wall would go on to protect the town until this day and would go on to enspire the name of the town itself, Junktown.

Junktown is often sort out by travelers of the waste, due to its protection and its stable marketplace, making a good location to either settledown or stock up on supplies.


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