Jul Mdama 1

Jul 'Mdama aboard his flagship

Jul 'Mdama is the leader of what remains of the Covenant Remnant. He is an exceptionally skilled combatant and strategist, and employs multiple techniques against his enemies. Regarded as a Pirate force, Jul's Remnant seek out technologies of Forerunner and Covenant origin. His closest ally is the defected Dr. Halsey.



Jul was first encountered in a small skirmish with a small Spartan team after Exon elite Rtas Chavam reported a battle with the Covenant Remnant, which retreated from their defeat against Exon forces. What was left of the small fleet touched down on a rocky planet, where the Spartan team fought to no avail against Jul's exceptional abilities. 'Mdama escaped shortly thereafter.

Capture by DannoEdit

Sometime after this, and several skirmishes with Rtas Chavam, the Remnant exited orbit above a planet A.L.I.E.N. had been exploring, and somehow accidentally released the Hand of Tonitrui from their Slipspace prison. Both these fleets detected Danno's Forerunner ship, and tried to negotiate with its Forerunner commander; Danno, taking advantage of this, accepted them into his force, then turned over the Hand of Tonitrui to the UCR, and the Remnant to the UNSC. Jul became ONI's prisoner.

Assault on UNSC Station/Capture of Carrie-S712Edit

A downed UNSC Frigate sent a distress beacon to a UNSC Station after it exited slipspace. However, the captain of the UNSC Audacity wisely scanned the frigate with their Forerunner sensors and detected stealthed Covenant Remnant forces. From there, the ship blasted and crashed its way onto the station, and deployed several elites to rescue 'Mdama.

When a small team managed to penetrate the capture zone, the marines held them back but couldn't prevail. Jul was eventually freed, and found a wounded spartan. Rather than kill her or leave her to die, Jul decided to take her in order to study at the Gen2 MJOLNIR armor and the Spartan augmentations, plus torture her for any information she might have. Jul ended up escaping in a pelican, later retrieved by a cloaked Litch.


Eventually, Jul 'Mdama was found by Exon and The Swords of Sangheilios in 2572. The last of 'Mdama's pirate fleet was discovered in close orbit to the Kig-Yar homeworld, Eayn. With only about half a dozen ships and low on supplies and morale, the Covenant Remnant made plans to find aid on the moon's surface. Fortunately for them, there was a local settlement there that were secret supporters of 'Mdama's regime, but Jul seemed to also have other goals in mind that he did not reveal, except for his closest aid. Exon and Sangheilios arrived very shortly after contact was made between the Remnants and Eayn.

The two de facto leaders of the factions, Noah 'Chavam and Thel Vadam, headed the strike against the Remnant's forces. After a brief naval engagement to scare Jul from his flagship (along with a brief boarding bout to try to capture him as well), the Remnant leader managed to flee aboard a Lich, and made escape to the settlement with a few Commanders and Zealots while his pre-deployed ground forces would hold out against Exon and Swords. The Pirates were struck by surprise from additional Exon ground forces from loyal cities nearby; the Remnants held out as long as they could, only lasting about 15 minutes with a handful of Jackals as survivors. 'Mdama's aid was briefly interrogated by Exon, though he died of his wounds before they could pull any information out of him.

Meanwhile, Jul went to the settlement to find what he was secretly looking for, leaving his surviving Jackals to hunt his pursuers while he escaped. The Arbiter and Noah fended them off easily, and pursued 'Mdama down a mineshaft that went deep enough into the moon's crust to come near it's liquid mantle. Though surprised to find what appeared to be the start of a Forerunner excavation site, they followed their prey, intent on taking him down once and for all.

Jul made it to what he was searching for, an interstellar teleportation unit. However, he had to stall and face a test from the Forerunner site's guardian before he could go on. His last surviving Sangheili Commanders and Zealots held against Arbiter and Noah long enough for him to pass the test and make it through the teleporter.

Soon, the two hunters had to pass this test themselves, delaying the both of them for a long while before they were able to make it through the teleporter themselves. They were surprised to find themselves emergeing from a mountain cave on Kamchatka. Jul had kept one big secret for years; a private fortress on the icy continent, hidden from the rest of the galaxy, unknown to all but the highest of his Remnant forces. The Arbiter and Noah made their way to infiltrate it.

Successfully penetrating the Castle's wall, they were forced to contend with dozens of Remnant troops after they were discovered shortly following their entering the keep. Unable to fight them all, the two made a run for it, firing at anything that came to close and leaving the others behind. Detonating a platform they came from to keep the rest from following, they encountered a Kraken coming towards the Castle. The two elites kept pushing, not having much time left. They encountered Jul's last remaining Jiralhanae, who he had managed to keep imprisoned in the Castle and used them as slaved guards. Arbiter and Noah dealt with them, finding Jul awaiting extraction on a lone platform amongst his last remaining leaders.

After a long, intense battle, Jul's leaders were killed, and he resorted to using a combination of Covenant and Forerunner weapons against the two experienced elites. Landing gruesome blows on both whilist receiving likewise, Jul remained confident he would escape, but was bested in sword combat by both the Arbiter and Noah when they coordinated their strikes. Finally defeated once and for all, the Remnant leader was knocked unconcious by the Arbiter.

Soon after, Noah and Arbiter boarded the Phantom meant to pick Jul up; while carrying the unconcious Jul with them, they used the Phantom to board a Lich, which they used to fight the Kraken. After taking out its weapons, they crashed the Phantom on it's platform, killing the Kraken's crew and destroying it's core. The two of them leaped off the platform back onto the Castle's main courtyard. The Arbiter's reinforcements arrived shortly afterward; seeing their unconcious leader and being completely surrounded with no means of escape, the rest of the Remnants surrendered to the Swords of Sangheilios.

Trial and ImprisonmentEdit

Jul 'Mdama was taken to an undisclosed location for his trial by Exon and the Swords of Sangheilios, though a recent leak spilled it was the Exon moon Cyberia, one of their many Work Camp prisons. Here, he was judged for all of his actions following the fall of the Covenant Empire, including his raids before the battle of Requiem. Jul denied none of the accusations made against him, and harbored no regret for any of his actions. His attempts to justify himself were met with harsh, nasty reactions from the audience, who likely wanted him dead or tortured. Jul was ultimately sentenced life imprisonment and labor for the camp, and was taken to a securer location where he would be held, for his own protection, against those that wanted him ripped to pieces.

He remains here, occasionally doing labor for the camp, otherwise sitting in his cell.

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