Forerunner ship by Capestranus


Judgement is a Forerunner Bladeship formerly in use by Danny. It's first appearance was when he summoned it from his Island; the island split apart, and the ship rose from underneath, blade-nose first. The Island then came back together, sealing the opening. The ship went into space, then traversed Slipspace to go to the Insurrectionist Planet Church's parents were being held on, where Danny used it to combat the Hand of Tonitrui ships that appeared.

After a while of innactivity, Danno returned to his island home, where he opened the island's ship storage port to reactivate the Judgement ''and use it for his travels. He returned to Earth with the ship, in order to retrieve his Cryptum, but unintentionally took Alien and X along with it. X, who had attempted to board the cryptum to steal Forerunner technology, was outside the Cryptum when it was drawn into the ship, and Alien flew into the Cryptum's storage hangar before it sealed. The Judgement made it's way past the UNSC defense grid, suffering minor damage to it's shields from Orbital Defense Platform Cairo, before it went into slipspace, accidentally pulling the UNSC Zeus along with it. The ship also pulled in an unknown assault craft into one of it's combat hangars before it went into slipspace.

Alien and X soon split up to infiltrate separate areas of the ship as Sentinels took the Assault craft's occupant's weapons from them, the Prometheans outside the craft preparing to bring them into holding chambers before the ship emerged into unknown space. The 'Zeus 'fired it's EMP cannon, which the ship absorbed with it's shielding at the cost of deactivating it's interior defense units, causing all the Sentinels and Prometheans inside the ship to shut down, along with interior defense turrets.

Alien, upon reaching the hangar the assault craft was pulled into and almost coming under fire from the Prometheans there, was saved by this deactivation, and decided to hack into the Promethean's systems. All the Prometheans in the hangar turned blue as they came under Alien's control. Alien then had X attempt to take control of one of the two Promethean control conduits near the bridge; however, in the attempt, X was caught by Danthrall and pulled into his Telekinetic grip.

Alien then went into one of the control conduit chambers himself, and successfully hacked into half of the Promethean and Sentinel defenses, including the 4 Battlewagon guards and the pair of Knight Commanders in the bridge. Danthrall quickly touched one on the head and regained control of it so it could engage the remaining guard, just as the rest of the Blue Prometheans entered the bridge to combat Danthrall. The turrets aiming at Danthrall were destroyed by a concussive blast that was launched from his armor, also pushing away several prometheans as he tossed X into a Hardlight cage.

However, the other half of the Prometheans entered the bridge after reactivation soon enough and engaged those under Alien's control. Danthrall then turned to look out the bridge window to see the nuke placed in the 'Judgement's 'traveling tradjectory, left there by the Zeus after it's unsuccessful attempt to take the ship down with conventional UNSC weaponry. The nuke detonated and severely damaged the front section of the ship, which was unshielded due to the shields being fully focused at the stern, for the ship's sensors were successfully scrambled into believing a different nuke was launched towards it's end.

With the Judgement damaged and spinning out of control towards an unknown planet near a Red Giant in this unknown spacial region, Danthrall first attempted to use his Telekinetic powers to pull the falling ship back under control and away from the planet; however, he was engaged by X and Alien, whom appeared to have recognized him but Danthrall failed to do the same.

These attempts to regain control failed; X attempted to attack Danthrall from behind, but the Forerunner pulled him off. Only Alien saved X from a fateful fall through the burning bridge opening, and after this, Alien took X and tackled Danthrall as he teleported near his Cryptum. A set of guards managed to keep Danthrall protected as he entered his Cryptum, exiting the dying, crashing ship just before impact. The Judgement split apart and impacted the surface, destroyed but capable of later salvage.


Judgement is approximately about as long as a UCR Carrier, despite being considered a smaller frigate for a Forerunner ship. It's weapons include:

  • 18 Hardlight pulse cannons (Large, powerful PDF guns that can demolish most any fighter with one shot and deal major damage to ships around UNSC Destroyer size; can charge up for more damage)
  • 36 Large Sentinel Beam projectors (Lightest weapons on the ship; can easily carve through Titanium-A armor and Covenant Battleplate; can charge up for more damage)
  • 6 Gravity manipulator semispheres (Able to move ships of UNSC Cruiser size easily; can tear apart the armor of larger ships)
  • 2 Hardlight beam projectors (Capable of piercing the shielding and armor of any known ship there is)
  • Hardlight ramming wedge/blade (Forms a chasis of hardlight around the Nose/Tip that allows the ship itself to carve through most any material the hull itself cannot cut through; can double as an extra thick layer of shielding when needed)
  • Overcharge Beamblade (Lightest damage can depopulate a small town, leaving minor damage to surrounding structures; can be fired at varrying charges; takes 4 minutes to fully charge; full charge can wipe out a continent)


  • Several hundred Promethean Knights.
  • One Thousand Promethean Watchers and Crawlers.
  • One thousand Sentinels.
  • Four Hundred "Onyx" Sentinels.

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