Jon Talbain


July 4th 1981




5'9 (Human)
6'1 (Werewolf)




Blue (Yellow when a Werewolf)

Love Interests




Professor Layton & The Curious Village - Layton's Theme (GENOSAI Remix)

Professor Layton & The Curious Village - Layton's Theme (GENOSAI Remix)

Personality Edit

Jon is a very level headed man and it would take a lot to make him so much as raise his voice in anger. He is rather polite and normally acts as a gentleman. He enjoys it when it learn about creatures he does not know about as he loves anything magical and mystical.

Biography Edit

Jon was born in 1981 and lived most of his childhood in the countryside with his family, aiding with their farm until his late twenties. One night while hiking through the hills near the farm Jon was attacked by an unknown creature, however luckily for him the creature was soon scared off by gun fire from his father who had heard Jon's screams.

Barley alive Jon unexceptionally healed from his wounds over night and later in that month went through a transformation into a werewolf, as it turns out the creature which attacked him was also a werewolf which had passed on its lycanthropy to him.

Soon after this Jon decided to travel the worth, mainly to find a way to control his beast form but also to find out more about the creature his become and others like him. Over the years Jon did indeed learn how to control his werewolf form, almost to the point where both forms act identically. As well as this Jon returned to England and started a paranormal investigation agency and dedicated his life to helping and researching once thought mythical creatures and protecting them from those who wished to harm them and vise versa.

Powers and Abilities Edit


Jon's werewolf form.

  • Lycanthropy - Jon is able to turn into a werewolf at will where as originally he could only do it during a full moon he can now do it whenever. When in this form he is faster and stronger, his senses are hightened and he is more durable. All of which is amplified if there is actually a full moon when he is transformed. This ability comes with a disadvantage however as whenever Jon comes into contact with silver he is burned, even a small piece is enough to hurt him so Jon tries to avoid this at all time.
  • Healing Factor - Jon is able to heal from almost any founds, be it a small cut or replacing a severed limb and seems to have no limit as to how much Jon can come back from. However his healing factor does not work when he is hurt by something silver.
  • Close Quater Combat - Jon has trained himself in several forms of fighting such as pressure point, judo, boxing and fencing. Jon is able to use most of this in his werewolf from, its speed and endurance making it even better.