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6th Feb



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  • UNSC

Joker-066 was a spartan in the UNSC until going mad and being put in an mental hospital for treatment.


Joker was, before the accident, weird to say the least and could be considered a goof by people who were around him. He was normally very defiant of orders and often prefers to go by his own "plan" which would often end in failure or collateral damage. He would often spout jokes in an attempt at humour, only a few of his jokes ever really being funny. After the accident Joker was left a shell of his former self and now just spout nonsense to himself as he carves a skull into his helmet, an item he refuses to let go of.


Joker is a spartan and due to a filing error and bad memory, has no idea which kind he was. But what ever the generation Joker did his mission. Joker specialized in ODST like missions, normally being sent in by himself to blow up an important enemy stronghold or base. After defying multiple orders to steal information from said bases before destroying them Joker was given an A.I to watch over him which went by the name Sigma.

Over the years Joker would run into the Adventure Group and sometimes aide them, one time being the rescuing of Mercedes and John, the parents of fellow spartans Evo and Church.

While on one of his mission Joker was hit with a powerful EMP grenade, the blast of which managed to fry the already old Sigma while he was in Joker's head. This caused Joker to have a complete mental break down on the field and if there were not others on this missions with him he would of most likely died. Now, driven crazy and costantly clinging to his old helmet.



Sigma's hologram

Sigma was the A.I given to Joker after he contantly would not follow the orders given to him. Sigma's job was to keep Joker on track and also make sure he did what he was told. The two got along and Sigma acted like the straight man to Joker's comedy act up until its destruction.