"Aim with the hand, shoot with the mind, kill with a heart like a Space Marine." - Joey Hawker singing part of his version of The Warrior Song.

Joey Hawker not be confused with his brother Joe Hawker he is part of a gang, he is the best shot in the gang but needs to learn to watch his mouth as he sometimes says words he don't mean to say.

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Joey Hawker (the one looking at Clea) when split up from the gang he fought with 5 other soldiers


Joey Hawker at the moment is in a big relationship with Cleapatra and are soon to be married. Is Clea's mentor as well.

Life in a gangEdit

Life in a gang is hard and riskly, if your weapon jams you will die, if you stay in the same place to long you will die. But for Joey Hawker it's the danger that he loves, he has no fear and also knows no fear. He is part of the Scrap Knights gang.

Love for songs around warEdit

"I alone, the great white hunter" - Joey Hawker singing part of 10th Man Down.

Joey loves songs around war his main one he sings is 10th Man Down as it makes him more deadly in combat.

Him and his brotherEdit

Joey Hawker has a brother Joe Hawker both don't get along, Joey Hawker isn't in a Space Marine Chapter like his brother but is a ganger which isn't as big in honor as being in a Space Marine Chapter, although they don't see each other much they don't like each other and hate fighting side by side.

Bond in the gangEdit

Joey Hawker has a good bond with everybody in the gang he is in.

Dave Samy - Is the leader of the gang, was a Space Marine but is no longer seen fit to fight in the name of the Emperor. Dave and Joey both have feelings for the other.

Yami Franken - Is a fellow ganger and is the reason he joined, Yami and Joey get along very well.

Tina - Although she is the only girl in the gang she don't let that worry her, Joey has a thing for picking on her due to her height. Joey doesn't know Tina's last name.

Near deathsEdit

Joey has nearly been killed a number times

  • While scouting ahead of the gang Joey took a Eldar bullet to the neck, was saved by Clea.


Joey Hawker has used many weapons but his current weapons are;

Primery - M82 Assault Rifle. An 32 round ISA standard issue Assault Rifle. Fires a 6.8 x 43 mm round, has a 40mm M203 grenade launcher.

Secondly -

Side Arm - M4 Semi-Automatic Pistol. A 7 round ISA pistol fires a 50AE round.

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