Jet Alone while in cool down mode

Jet Alone is a bipedal robot developed by Japan Heavy Chemical Industries, designed to supplant the Evangelions


Created around the same time as the Evangelions, Jet Alone was designed to be a cheaper solution to the Angel problem. However, It went rouge during a demonstration and was forced to be shut down with the threat of nuclear meltdown. 

Thanks to some late night scavanging, the unit was recovered by Red X, who is currently using it for his war on criminals.

Design and SpecificationsEdit

Unlike the Evangelions, which have a limited internal power supply and must rely on external power cables for extended operation, Jet Alone has an internal nuclear reactor (likely a pressurised water reactor) and can function for at least 150 consecutive days. Jet Alone requires no pilot, and is controlled by an onboard computer. Radio commands can be issued from a ground station.

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