Jessica Drew


November 22, 2570


UCR (Aurelia)




UCR Spec Ops


12 (Actual Age)
26 (physical appearance)



Jessica Drew (Designation Null-012) is the twelfth of the Null Class Experimental Spec Ops, going by the nickname Redback.

Personality Edit

Jessica is a quiet individual, often keeping to herself on and off the battlefield. She is known for keeping cool and calm under the pressure. Her brothers and sisters have called her "a serious goofball with a heart of gold".

History Edit

Jessica Drew was created in late 2570 on the UCR colony world of Aurelia. She, along with her brothers and sisters, were not made after the same donor, but by several other templates. When she was younger, she kept to herself and stayed isolated, wanting to be left alone. However, as her training commenced, she quickly began developing advanced skills beyond her wildest dreams. She kept her quiet personality to show gratitude towards her "mother".

Known conflicts participated inEdit

  • Vagan Conflict (2573 - 2575)
  • UCR-UEG Conflict (2576)
  • TRM Civil War (2576 - 2577)
  • Battle for Osea (2578)
  • Andromeda Insurgencies (2578 - 2582)

Equipment Edit

  • A redesigned version of the TSS, the Weaponized Ergonomic Binding Shooter, or W.E.B.S. for short, is Drew's wrist shooter. It allows her to shoot spider-like webbing that sticks to most surfaces, allowing easy maneuverability through the sky and so forth.
  • The Infrared Gateway System is Drew's eyewear. It allows her to bypass high-security systems and take over them with the added bonus of allowing Jessica to see through walls and spotting targets by the IR input

Skills/Abilities Edit

  • Enhanced ESP: Nicknamed "Spider-Sense" by Redback, her ESP acts as an "danger-warning" system that allows Drew to counter/avoid danger that's thrown at her.

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