Spartan 134


Jeremiah-S933 is a Spartan-IV whom first served on the UNSC Infinity. He operates with Lazarus and Obadiah.


Jeremiah was born on Marigold. He was old enough to remember the attack on the colony, one time catching a glimpse of Marq during the Covenant invasion. He was moved to Earth for the majority of his life, until he was drafted into the UNSC Marines in 2543. He excelled at being a marksman, utilising smaller weaponry and a Battle rifle.

He joined the Spartan-IV program and went aboard the UNSC Infinity for training as it headed for Requiem.

On Requiem, he showed quick improvement with the Forerunner weaponry; he was one of the UNSC personnel who best adjusted to using the weapons of the Prometheans, perhaps even more than John-117. He helped especially with the defense of the Infinity before it lifted off the surface of the interior and retreated to Earth.


Jeremiah is not too cold and not too open; he seems to be a very average soldier when it comes to social interaction with his colleagues. However, when it came to combat, he didn't show too much skill, being a moderate combat specialist, until he first utilized the Promethean weapons on Requiem. Perhaps his best capability is coming up with good tactical plans that often work, but he tends to use the same strategy time and time again.


Typically very capable operating scout vehicles and hand guns; he excels with Promethean weaponry, best utilizing the Light Rifle.


  • M6H Magnum
  • MA5D Assault Rifle
  • BR85 HB Battle Rifle
  • HE-DP Frag Grenade
  • Z-250 Directed Energy Engagement Weapon (Whenever one is found)