".... *annoyed grunt*" - James


James Raynor 'Chavam was born to the former Goddess of Death Rias with his sister Yukari on the Sangheilios moon of Quikost. With Rhasa's guidance James grew up under Thel's parenthood making him a capable fighter and with the classic family strength all 'Chavams tend to have. 

James Raynor 'Chavam


7' 6"


317 lbs




Light Brown


As James is still young it is not known what powers he possesses as of yet. Paired with this and the fact that he technically is incapable of speech making him a naturally reserved, goofy individual. Due to growing up constantly tagging along with Rhasa, James has very good mechanical abilities. But due to the late blooming of powers and speech problems he has grown up shy with some depression issues, making it hard for him to gain friends in his early years. 

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Thel meeting James for the first time.

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