The Jade Palace is a temple located in a mountainous region in Eden, it is a place of peace and tranquility. It is used for teaching the martial arts, finding enlightenment, and learning inner peace. The Jade Palace was destroyed during the seige of Eden when around the same a Otachi class Kaiju appeared through the rift. It made its way into the mountainous region and soon found the palace and started its attack. It easiy destroyed the palace before moving on to the nearby cities


The Palace was build in a age long lost, its original purposes was for nobles. But the nobles were tyrants
Jade Palace

Rear view of the palace

and were soon driven out. It was then repurposed as a Martial Arts Dojo. It has a pretty big complex within. It comprises of the main building at the top of the hill, a arena at the top of the 1000steps. The main building is reached by another 500 steps, equalling 1500 steps all together, the students housing, and a small cave for finding inner peace. 

How to reach the Jade PalaceEdit

Its exact location is unknown, and the inhabitants stay out of the affairs of the UCR and UNSC, but it is located somewhere in the moutainous region, over looking a village. Toreach the area, which is the first part of the palace, one needs to climb 1000 steps, you cant skip the steps by flying and landing via aircraft. Or a strange magical force will cause ship computers to malfunction and not allow landing. And if one, such as a
Jade Palace full view

The front view, along with the Arena (front) and palace (back)

organism capable of flight tries to fly, they will be struck by lighting. They say the palace is sacred and is protected by a magical force. Around the palace, and around the walls at the top of the mountain, it is surrounded by peach and cherry blossum tree's, as well as a stone trail. Towards the back of the mountain is a small cave known as the "Cave of Inner Peace". It is used to teach Inner Peace, which is key to the martial arts. 

Ideals and viewsEdit

The views of the inhabitants could be buddihism, but they do not belong to any particular religion, army, or anything else. They simply wish to protect people, find inner peace, and live as one. 

Finding EnlightenmentEdit

Before you begin training, you are first tasked with finding your true self. By meditation, and lessons. Once that is accomplished you move on to Martial Arts and Inner Peace.

Martial Arts and Inner PeaceEdit

Unlike enlightenment, this goes on for ever. While you are training, you also do spiritual martial arts exercises to find your inner peace, as it is the key to becoming a great martial artist.


Joining the Jade Palace warriors is not easy, they are very selective and will look into your heart to find your true intentions, one must be pure and wanting to find peace. They believe the Martial Arts was not invented for combat, but to find inner tranquility. People are rarely selected and walk ins are mostly, if not always ignored. You must be approached to secure a place.

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