V170 over little rock after buzzing a city ridden with rebels


V170, Jackson's Revenge


Davy Jackson


The Systems Alliance

Former Class

CRS Covenant Cruiser


Cherno Gunboat


315 Meters


150 Meters


Nanolaminate/Forerunner Alloys

Designation: V170 Edit

The Jackson's Revenge (or lafy fleet designation V170) is a heavily modified independent Cherno Gunboat. A dark history surrounds the ship, being as all captain's before Jackson have been either killed in action or even by the crew. Despite the history and small size of the ship the Jackson's Revenge has been immortalized in Exon history for its service as running extremely risky operations and coming back damaged but in one peice. The life expectancy on the Jackson's Revenge concerning crew is extremely low.

History Edit

The Jackson's Revenge was in service since the start of the Human-Covenant war, although reports on how the ship did is extremely limited it has uncovered that it has been hit by multiple MACs, been boarded by spartans, sustained heavy damage in the great schism, and recently lost its last commander during the final covenant remnant battles. After the last captain was killed when a plasma torpedo struck the operations center, Captain Davy Jackson took command and immediately began a privateer campaign under the Alliance/Exon vessel known as the Sulaco II.

Armaments Edit

12 Armiger Corp Dragoon Batteries - Quad barreled 45 mm HE cannons, these rapid firing dealers of death have earned the Jackson's Revenge and any other Cherno Gunboat a feared and respected reputation. They are mostly ground based but have been known to shoot down enemy fighters. 6 per side.

6 Exon Serpentine "Oktober" Batteries - Quick loading 152 mm Artillery guns mounted in the sides with the Dragoons for dealing damage to the ground. 3 per side.

2 "wet" plasma projection units - An Exon trick used to make plasma projectors spit plasma in a less controlled fashion, effectively making it a giant plasma flame thrower. Mounted in the forward "Wings" on the left and right of the ship.

2 Plasma Projectors - The regular plasma projectors for its size mounted on the top and bottom of the gunboat.

Twin Tiberium Cores - These reactors are meant for CCS sized ships but luckily to Exon refits and rigging the ship the reactor fits well. Although it needs to be constantly maintained.

Armiger quad Gravity Repulsion Engines - The same covenant engine design but with added "Forerunner goodies". Making this small ship very fast.

Armiger Targeting Consoles - Paired with an advanced AI and an extremely intricate firewall these forerunner repurposed computers are nearly impossible to hack and very quick to the draw with accuracy.

Exon Plasma/Proton Torpedoes - These extremely dangerous plasma and proton torpedoes pass through hard light and energy shielding and deal fast and heavy damage. The V170's torpedoes carry a deadly and hallowed reputation.

2 Apocalypse Tanks - For ground assault, used in quick deployment.

Orbital Drop Shock Soldiers - For ground assault, used in quick deployment.

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