Jack O'Lantern

Real Name

Steven Levins


Jack O'Lantern, Jack-O-Lantern, Pumpkin Head

Date of Birth

October 30th





Hair Colour

Strawberry Blonde

Eye Colour



Orb, New Angeles


  • Orb Union
    • ARGUS
      • Task Force X

A mercenary which a unique gimmick, Jack O'Lantern is known for his destructive attitude and willingness to kill anything that gets in his path. He is currently being held by ARGUS.


Steven Levins, or Jack O'Lantern as he prefers to be called, is on the surface, a psychotic killer with no regard for human life, and a tendency for pyromania. However, Jack is not just some raving loon, underneath is sporadic behaviour and vulgar demeanour lies a genius intellect capable of building advanced gadgets and weaponry.


Early HistoryEdit


Skills and EquipmentEdit

  • Jack O'Lantern Armour - Jack's body armour is made out of metal-covered, multi segment Kevlar panels, incorporating a rigid, articulated shell which can resist a 7 lb. bazooka anti-gun warhead.
    • Pumpkin Helmet - Meanwhile, Jack's head is covered by a bulletproof helmet, with an internal, 3 hour, compressed air supply. Inside the helmet is equipped with telescopic infrared image intensifiers for seeing in the dark, as well as voice-activated radio-linked controls for the Pumpkin Glider. The base of the helmet is equipped with a fine network of pin holes which maintaine a low temperature flame of "stage fire", a low density flame used safely on stage to simulate fire, that rings around his head at all times. The air supply cools the interior of the helmet semi-adiabatically through expansion.
  • Pumpkin Glider - The pumpkin glider is a metal platform, propelled by a strong flame capable of lifting Jack's weight plus 400 Ibs more. The glider is capable of going at 90 miles per hour, and is powered by an internal fuel supply capable of lasting for 5 hours, less if it is at full load and at top speed. The glider offers great manoeuvrability, with a main microprocessor to assist with manual controls, the glider is steered primarily, however, by the weight and attitude of its rider. The bottom of Jack's boots are magnetised, allowing himself to lock into the glider without fear of falling off.
  • Pumpkin Bombs - Pumpkin bombs are small, specialised grenades designed to look like jack-o-lanterns used by Jack as his primarily weapons. Jack uses various types, such as: anaerobic adhesive, tear gas, smoke, concussive, explosive and fire. The pumpkin bombs are stored in a pouch Jack carries on his person, which stores about 20.