JSDF Itanjinmon

Itanjinmon is a JSDF colony world. It is a moderately developed terrestrial planet with decent civilian and military occupation. The planet was colonized around 2562 and is still expanding its colonization.

History Edit


Characteristics Edit

Itanjinmon is a terrestrial planet that required no terraforming in order to settle, though gravitational compensators were set up due to the planet's slightly greater than one Earth G gravity. (1.6 G to be exact.) Resources found in natural deposits allowed colonists to thrive on the moderate economic flow that soon followed colonization.

One interesting thing to point out about Itanjinmon is its natural disasters. While being researched for potential colonization by the JSDF, severe weather and geological events were about as frequent as they are on Earth. However, 10 years after colonization the settlers encountered not only an increase of how often these events would strike, but also a slight severity rise as well. The reason for this is still being investigated.

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