Isal Fi
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March 18th, 2563 (17)



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Petty Officer



Isal Fi is a member of the Guardian super soldier project and the Four Horsemen. 


Training and DeploymentEdit

Treasure ShipEdit

Isal was supposed to join a team of other Guardians. Instead she replaced the deceased Pestilence of The Horsemen. While the three members of Horsemen were left trying to get used to their new member, the Horsemen were tasked with retrieving a Spartan-IV and capturing a Covenant carrier. A few Spartan-IV's would join them as fodder, except for one Cronus. Their prowler inserted them outside of the Covenant assault carrier's hanger and the Iona forced open the hanger doors. The Horsemen took advantage of the chaos and eliminated the hanger crew before closing the blast doors. Isal, Azrael and Cronus split to search for Carrie. They encountered some stealth elites and Jul; the latter escaped but his guards were shredded by Isal. They also found Carrie but Cronus abruptly shot her while escorting her to the Prowler. The Carrier was also captured and they took it back to Earth as a trophy.

Radicalized SharksEdit

The Horsemen were sent to investigate a planned theft of a Covenant weapons cache in the hands of a private collector. Several Freelancers would accompany them to the dismay of the Horsemen. Upon finding the cache, a group of Insurrectionists were already in the process of stealing it. A fight ensued and it led into a chase of sorts. At least one Innie was decapitated and Agent Hawaii was killed. It is assumed that the Insurrectionists were stopped from using the weapons.

Snake PartyEdit

The Horsemen and Circe were put into a situation where both had to work a party. They provided security during the high profile event. During the party several terrorists snuck in.

After PartyEdit

Following the security detail both Circe and the Horsemen were taken and left on an remote island on the planet Roost without any of their equipment, only swimming wear and some miscellaneous things.


  • Guardian Combat System
  • BR55
  • M6D
  • Micro storage weapons
  • XV0-Mk.1 Sparrow 
  • "Caliburn" - Her primary sword
  • "The Mantle" - A light sword most comparable to the Mandalorian Varja


Although she is a merciless murdering super soldier she has a high interest in the activities of other people, specifically other children. Also food. Especially this. This also applies to her two companions. Out of habit and training Isal does not speak too often. Isal is courageous and determined, whether on or outside combat. Tends to eat all of the Horsemens sweets to Famines displeasure and dresses oddly. A trouble attracting girl according to Azrael. 


Armor of Light - Isals tank mode. Ability allowing her to absorb a lot of damage or emit a indestructable "shield."

Starry Night - Magic based attack of lethal energy projectiles 


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