Irisdina Bernhard


September 8th 2556









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Gud Gril



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Irisdina Bernhard is a pilot in the UNSC Navy, fairly well experienced given her age. She leads the 666th Demonstration Squadron and participates in the multinational military program Valkyrie.


Irisdina was born in Gdynia, Mars on September 8th, 2556. Her father worked at a college and her mother at a large firm. During her summers, her dad would take her along to fly a small plane he owned.

Irisdina entered the UNSC Navy through the UNSC Navy school on Luna OCS. She became an aviator after a 15-month course and commissioned as ensign, posted to the UNSC Hyas. At the time, Irisdina flew a Shortsword in missions against rebels on Exon, the colonies and Cineris. She was promoted after the Cineris raid to Lieutenant.

In the months following the failure of ISAF Irisdina was promoted to the leader of a Raiser Squadron. They were involved in numerous raids on UCR merchant ships and civilian vessels. When war actually broke out, Irisdina led her unit to leveling important cities and military infrastructure.


Assault on Corneria (VF-30/VF-19/VFA-924/VenomEdit

With Exons incursion into Corneria, Valkyrie (Rogue) was to aid the Sulacco in eliminating resistance on their capital. While the entire Valkyrie team assembled, Irisdina came into the meeting only half dressed to Prodas dismay and Vaz's approval. The team was told that the ship would be alone against the Cornerian armada, though it reigned only in numbers according to intelligence provided by Voronin. Some idle chatter about kill markers later, the flight took off with unexpected support from the gunboat Jackson. As Valkyrie approached the planet they were intercepted by a squad of Cornerian TIE/ln fighters. Irisdina was able to score several fighter kills before she landed on the Jacksons' hull in GERWALK mode to provide a brief screen of anti-air support for the small ship. Once the gunboat neared a Cornerian Star Destroyer, Irisdina ran along the Star Destroyer, tossing a 1,000 kg bomb at the ships bridge, bypassing the shields, destroying the bridge and thus causing the ship to implode. While Valkyrie mopped up and Jackson destroyed three SD's with her Akula's, an ELA fleet emerged, forcing Valkyrie to regroup with Sullaco.

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