Iris Heart

Date of Birth

December 12th, 2556

Place of Birth

Pellian, Skyverse


23 Years Old


Human (Clone/Enhanced)


  • UCR (Aurelia)


  • UCR Armed Forces
    • UCR Spec Ops


Spec Ops


Familiy TreeV4

Love interests


Eye Color


Hair Color

Iris Blue



Early History

Iris Heart was the first of thirty clones of the 70th Experimental Platoon created by Dr Veria Uarin after the end of the New Dawn Conflict in late 2556. She and her sisters were trained by their genetic donor and other teachers on their home sky island of Pellian before being transferred to the planet of Aurelia in 2567 for additional training. Having completed their training by 2572, she and the rest of her siblings were ready for deployment when the Vagan Conflict started.

Vagan Conflict

Cosmic Blitz

By late 2575 what remained of ISAF, now allied with Vagan separatists, the war was nearing it's end. After several failed negotiations, ISAF and Separatist forces launched Operation Cosmic Blitz in September of 2575, launching several lighting offenses on the last bastion of the empire, the last of which was the capital world of An'yar.

After a month of fighting through the defenses in orbit, Orbital Divers and special forces were inserted in strategic points planet side to eliminate weapons that could pose a danger to the main invasion force and to disrupt troop movements. Iris and her squad were assigned to take out a number of teleportation hubs before being redirected to rescue a downed VF-23 pilot who was on an interdiction mission.


Sigma 15674

A year following Cosmic Blitz, Iris and three of her sisters were deployed to the abandoned GoH world of Sigma 15674 along side Circe Unit to hunt down Grace Stines, the leader of a terrorist organization known as Atlas. Although Grace left the Atlas base long before the UCR's arrival, the base was destroyed and information regarding other Atlas bases was retrieved.



Skills and Abilities

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