Infinity Class Super Carriers


  • Exploratory
  • Large scale deployment
  • Flagship



In Service





Between 5 and 7km^





The Infinity class Super Carriers are several ships commissioned by the UEG originally to defeat the Covenant using reverse engineered Forerunner and Coevenant technology. These ships are some of the strongest ships in the UNSC arsenal.


  • 4 CR-14 Super Mass Acceleration Cannons^ - Main gun of most of the Infinity super carriers. A single shot is sufficient to rip through the hulls of a shielded enemy UCR Battleship and hold enough penetration power to eliminate another three from bow to stern.
  • 1 CR-8 S8 auxiliary Mass Accelerator Cannon^ - A regular SMAC.
  • 350 (70) Archer Missiles - Standard missile of any UNSC warship. The delivery unit is often hardened to prevent their early destruction before reaching their target. Though each missile is not necessarily extremely powerful, one good hit is enough to cripple most moderate sized vessels.
  • 260 (40) Rapier Missiles
  • 700 (30) Howler Missiles
  • 900 70mm CIWS
  • Mini MAC network - A series of mini-macs allow the Infinity class to engage smaller ships where use of the main gun would be excessive. Each gun varies from a single gun to triple mounted. Depending on the level of charge, a mini-mac shot can outright destroy a ship if given a good shot placement.
  • Lance network - M97's are the missile point defense of the supercarrier. These missiles are primarily used to defend against incoming missiles and aircraft.
  • Nuclear Weapons capability
  • 50x Plasma Torpedoes^

Systems and FeaturesEdit

  • Misriah Armory HL-03C Heavy Dispersal Field Generator - Able to withstand an overpowered ships most powerful cannon shot and more!
  • Texture buffer^ - Traditional stealth techniques allow the Infinities to remain relatively stealthy in space.
  • Baffler^ - Active usage of technology to keep the Infinity class to stay undetected.
  • EMP Dampener^
  • TRIDENT Defense System - Trident is an integrated naval weapons system destroy enemy targets. It is used to coordinate different weapon systems and vessels to attack the enemy and prevent damage to the ship.

Ships of the lineEdit

  • UNSC Infinity INF-101
  • UNSC Eternity INF-102
  • UNSC Titan INF-103
  • UNSC Chalcis INF-109
  • UNSC Eridani INF-111
  • UNSC Akagi INF-113
  • UNSC Jericho INF-114
  • UNSC Arras INF-115
  • UNSC Kaliakra INF-116
  • UNSC Mawikizi INF-118
  • UNSC Keyes INF-119
  • HMS Victory INF-120
  • UNSC Mawikizi

^Not applicable to Infinity or Titan