Imperial Expeditionary Force

Date of formation

November 1st, 2578


  • 35 CGE ships
  • Numerous civilian vessels


  • To assert Space Law
  • To provoke NUNS

Commanding Officers

Captain Ezra Zeimer

The Imperial Expeditionary Force is a exploratory and research force of the UEG and Exon militaries. Their goal is to map the out galaxy and interact with the species of Andromeda.

As of April 2580 roughly 17 planets have been colonized in some form by both the UEG and Exon. 


  • UNSC Colossus (DD-457)
  • UNSC Delambre (DD-1063)
  • UNSC Hundley (FFG-1010)
  • UNSC Moby Dick (LCC-171)
  • CCCP Wish You Were Here (BC-147)


  • Ferin - A fairly fertile planet
  • Kuril - Cold and harsh climate. Military base
  • Pytheas - Mostly ocean


Zarek - Nothing is wrong in glorious Arstotzka!

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