Artificial Human


Technically: 1
Physically and Mentally: 19


Light pink





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Overview Edit

IA was created by ALIEN in his attempt to create human life for study. Using cloning techniques ALIEN replicated a human using a random sequence of genes. She was the first to survive out of millions of other attempts and thus is very precious. She was awaked by Epsilon and stays in ALIEN's compound.

Personality Edit

IA is very happy girl and is curious about most things , spending most of her life in a modified chamber which fed her data and put her through many VR tests, she is engaged to put the things she learned to the test. She enjoys social activities as these are a way to test what he knows. She is very intelligent despite her curious nature and can easily figure out hard math and physic problems.


After millions of failed attempts ALIEN was going to put his goal of creating a human on halt. That was until IA showed signs of surviving. After a few months ALIEN moved IA to a special cryo chamber where she was fed data for many months, occasionally she would be set VR tests where she would pass with flying colours.

After 9 months of this Epsilon stumbled upon IA's chamber while he was wandering around the lab. Accidentally opening it, he became stuck with IA and unsure of what to do he calls ALIEN who instructs him to study her until his return. As the day goes by IA enjoys all the knew things she is experiencing and the new friend she has made.

When Chris Hatchenson attacked ALIEN's compund IA was kidnapped and was taken to a barren city planet. She was rescued by ALIEN and Epilson, but Epsilon stayed to fight Chris. This resulted in his death and this has caused IA to be very despressed as she lost the first person she ever saw and her first friend.


  • ALIEN - ALIEN thinks of IA just as an experiment and did not intend to  show any affection towards her (if not needed) but Epsilon persuaded him otherwise. IA looks up to him and wants to learn all she can from him.
  • Epsilon - Epsilon views IA as everything he wishes to leave behind with human nature. He however, finds himself oddly protective of the girl;astounded by her viewpoint of the world.