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Full Title

The God of the Hunt

Other Titles

  • Lord Hircine
  • Father of Lycanthropy
  • Huntsman of the Gods


4 Billion


Lesser God


  • Skyverse
  • The Eight Gods and Goddesses of Skyverse

Hircine, a lesser god, is the UCR's God of the Hunt and is responsible for the creation and spreading of Lycrantropy across the multiple universes.

Personality Edit

Hircine is a proud warrior who honours nothing but the hunt, be it of beast or man, he does not care as long as the ensuing hunt is invigorating and worthy of the huntsman. In turn, Hircine honours not only the hunter but the prey itself, as in his eyes, both are equal on the hunting ground.


Early HistoryEdit

It is unknown when Hircine originally appeared, however the earliest depiction of him dates back to around 4 billion years ago, with ancient writings telling a story of a mighty warrior who hunted the wolves of the forest that were terrorising the village. Some historians speculate that this warrior is Hircine and that the wolves mentioned in these story are actually referring to the earliest known form of The God of Fear, a theory which raises several questions regarding the two gods relationship to one another.

Another story including Hircine is a written encounter between him and the mad god Discord. As the story tells, Discord wished to amuse himself and thus challenged Hircine to a contest to determine to whom between them can create the deadliest creature in three years time. Hircine, who knew of Discord's love of mischief and trickery, accepted the challenge without a second thought, without even considering for an instant that Discord was a match for him.

Using his power of lycanthropy, Hircine created a nasty demon of such savagery and dread, that its horror is said to rival that of Darkness himself. Hircine strove confidently onto the battlefield those three years later with his handy work as a seemingly unconcerned Discord leaned against a stone. The mad god then moved away to reveal his champion, a small, colourful bird.

Unleashing his creation, Hircine was smug as the creature obliterated the stone the bird was perched upon, the beast in turn roared in triumph seemingly unaware that it had in fact, missed its target. It was then that the little bird landed on the beasts snout, the monster blinded itself trying to use its awful strength to smash Discord's champion, even as the tiny creature chirped and flitted about effortlessly avoiding the madden brute. In the end, Hircines creation literally tore itself apart trying to kill the little bird while it escaped unharmed.

Sorely beaten, Hircine returned to his sky islands known as the Hunting Grounds where he burned his dead creature and pondered his loss. It was one of the few accounts Hircine has known the taste of defeat.

Spreader of LycanthropyEdit

It is no secret that Hircine plays with the lives of mortals on a regular bases, and one form of this is his gift of Lycantropy. Whenever Hircine ventures into a universe in search of worthy pray for his Blood Moon Hunt, he "blesses" said universe with the disease known as Lycantropy. The disease transforms the individual into a monstrous werebeast that is cursed to stalk the land every night.

Those who have contracted Lycantropy will also be sent to the Hunting Grounds after death to hunt with Hircine for eternity.

The Blood Moon HuntEdit

Most accounts and knowledge of Hircine come from text which speak of the terror and carnage of Hircines great hunts, also known as the Blood Moon Hunt. Such an event happens every millennia on a random island in Skyverse and is proceeded by four signs. The first of which is the coming of the "Hounds", when werewolves hand selected by Hircine appear on the island. The second is "The Fire from the Eye of Glass", when a huge pillar of fire appears in the centre of the island. The third sign, "Tide of Woe", is an event where Sky Whales land and die on the "shore" of the island. The fourth and final sign is that of the Bloodmoon itself, when a large and foreboding crimson light appears above the island.

After the four signs, the "Hunter's Game" begins, the details of which vary from hunt to hunt. The game might involve the hunting of an entire group of people, or just one man. After the hunt, Hircine returns to The Hunting Ground for another millennia.

It is rare that any prey of the hunt survives, however, on the rare instant that one does, they will earn favour with Hircine and be gifted their freedom.

The Hunting GroundsEdit

The Hunting Grounds is the name of a set of large sky-islands owned by Hircine. Geographically, the islands are made up mostly of dense woodland and vast grasslands and plains. Mortals entering these realms are typically hunted down by the inhabitants. The souls of lycanthropes who die are claimed by Hircine and spend eternity in his Hunting Grounds. By day, werecreatures and Warriors stalk the land, hunting for any prey they can come across. By night, Hircine announces himself with a pack of werewolves.



A statue of Hircine typically used at shrines dedicated to the god.

Shrines that are dedicated to Hircine are rare, but do exist, normally created by cultists who worship the God of the Hunt. These shrines are typically in large open spaces, such as forests and caves and are decorated by a large statue of the god himself and surrounded by offerings to the god, typically trophies of game animals.

Cultists see Lycantrophy as a blessing and seek to contract it themselves. Though sometimes, if he deems them worthy enough, Hircine will personally gift them with the disease himself.