this is by: Helenna A114


Helenna is a universeal jumper, meaning she jumps from alternate universes.   
Helenna A114

origanlly from a Universe where Earth no longer exsists and the Goverments (and new ones) that where on Earth are now in controll of their own planet(s), in this Universe she is a super-human raised from 1 year after birth by the Latin Empire (along with many other children).

she got into a acedent that sent her to this Universe and she can not find a way out, so she's now stuck here.. 


Helenna is silent mostly, never letting her emotions show. 

Weapons and Armor:Edit

Helenna has an implanted chip which you may call a weapon-spawner, any weapon Human or Alien (including an Alien weapon that shoots consintrated light), that she has ever touched she can manifest one with these chips. but they will only stay spawned for 45 minutes at a time.

her armor is a light-weight body-suit with small body-fitting armor plates that are filled with Non-Newtonian fluid (A liquid that turns hard during a colision)