The Genesis suit was first manufactured as a prototype and introduced in the ongoing Venezian front for Exon in limited numbers as a human version of the Havoc armor for Sangheili, althout the HAGs is not as stream lined it has a wider variety of what it can carry on the suit's person ranging from multiple small semi-guided missles to the tripple barreled 20 mm cannon. Suffering from obvious movment issues the mech is currently only being produced in very limited numbers mostly exclusivley to the well equiped 3rd Shock Army. 

Shock UnitEdit

The HAGS is meant to be brought in with apocalypse tanks to advance alongside the apocalypse tanks behind the droid army. Range is usually not an issue due to the ammount of munitions the HAGS can dish out in a short time. The HAGS is under strict orders to be protected at all times by infantry so it is not to be over whelmed. 

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