The Hammer and Sickle mecha are highly advanced mech suits developed for the Exon military, they were made by and unknown ally of Exon leader. The two suits are bested used as a duo one being a strong and heavy the other being agile and fast.


Ur 957umdi19 libertador by unoservix-d36yr68


Hammer is a huge hulking mech suit standing at about roughly 30 foot. It is armored with titanium alloy plating and nanocomposite titanium microfibers plus it is equipped with a powerful overshield making it hard for an enemy to even make a dent. Hammer is also able to fly for a short amount of die thanks to powerful thruster in its feet.

Weaponry Edit

  • M61 Vulcan Rotary Cannon (left arm)
  • Enlarged Kukri Knife (back)
  • Smaller Kukri Knife (Left shoulder) 

Sickle Edit

Su mbs p 05 koba by unoservix-d36yib2


Sickle is smaller than his "brother" mech standing at 24 foot and being less armored it can't take as much damage as Hammer. But it makes up for this with its speed thanks to its enegery booster and additional feet thrusters.


  • AK-47,000 
  • Burst Energy Wings and thrusters

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