Halberd-class Destroyer

Ship builder

Reyes Mclees, Sinoviet, others


  • UNSC Navy
  • UEG Coast Guard


Fast Attack Destroyer


  • Assault
  • Escort


Length 770 meters
Wide 346 meters
Height 225 meters


2 meters Nanolaminate




  • 400~2160 crew, 1 AI


  • 30 Dropships
  • 10 747 sized bombers
  • 18 Variable Fighters


  • Six Fusion drives
  • 4 Secondary drives


Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine

The Halberd-class destroyer is a type of UNSC Destroyer in aervice with the Navy. They can refer to the older, smaller 485 meter A-type or the now more common 770 meter B-type. 

Technology and Conbat CharacteristicsEdit

The Halberd-clasd function as the vanguard of UNSC battlegroups. Though less armored than the Leviants they are faster and are meant to hit larger slower combatant vessels. Halberds are capable of catching up to even small, nimble frigates and prowlers and ramming them to oblivion. Some Halberds have a additional weapon to deny vessels attempting to enter a system. Floats on water.

Halberd class Destroyers by nature of their angled surface are relatively stealthy. The B-type further reduces its profile by incorporating the engines into the body rather than having protruding units on wings.

Specifications (B-type)Edit

  • Armaments
    • Twin 117cm Verthandi (15 shots/minute if slugs)
    • 3x2 356mm deck guns 
    • 32 70mm Point Defense Guns
    • 12 Pulse lasers
    • 84 (100) Archer Missile Pods
    • Plasma Torpedo launch system (4 tubes)
  • 2x RIM-97 Lance (6-cell)
  • Defenses
    • Stealth Stuff
    • TRIDENT Defense system

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