The HOPLITE program is Space Dynamics approach to the Cornerian Military's plea for super soldiers. They will take adult soldiers from ages 21-26 and geneticly modify them to be faster, stronger, smarter, and all around a better soldier. They are issued a new power armor known as the "Leviathan MK 1".LeviathanLeviathan


Space Dynamics has been said that they have 300 Hopelites ready to be sent into action. They are currently under review by the military. 


The Hoplites use a advanced suit made of nano's that improve a soldiers smarts, strength, speed, and overall reaction and think processing. Effectivly creating a super soldier. It a expermental shield generation module built into the suit to allow extra protection. It is also fitted with super light armor plating and vaccum seal for EVA and operations in hazardious enviroments. It features a HUD that assists the soldier during battle. Such as aiming, a health and medical read out, and optics such as a night vision. The suit is EVA capable and is set to be issued to the Naval Marines and Special Forces Army. 

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