2 Rx-178's Models fighting in a Gunpla game Simulator.

Gunpla Battle is a relativily new game introduced in mid 2576 by the country of Orb. The game is played with Plastic model kits of Mechas such as, Mobile Suits, Destroids, and Variable Fighters. 


Gunpla manufacturing companies in Orb made deals with the Orb military to build a simplified version of the War game simulation machines used by several Militaries of the Galaxy to train their soldiers in a variety of environmental combat simulations. As of 2576, the game of Gunpla Battle has become common place throughout the Galaxy.

Simulation MachinesEdit

The Gunpla Simulation machines are essentially War Game simulators, simplified for Gunpla Battles. They are large, hexagonal table-like 3D image projectors that are set up in hobby shops in various planets. To operate these, a person is required to set a GP Base that registers the Model and it's creator, as well as it's operator. This also allows Co-op battles with the Builder of the Gunpla acting as the Operator/Navigator and the pilot as the Fighter, however it is possible for a person to act as both.

The machine also projects a holographic image interface around the participating combatants, with the Fighters given a pair of glowing orbs that act as the controls. Weapon and systems slots are displayed, showing the Gunpla's current weaponry and which special system is available for use.The Gunpla is brought to life through the simulator, which can replicate almost every effect known in real combat.

A Gunpla's performance is directly connected to the quality of it's construction as well as the materials used (For example,reinforcing a beam rifles barrel with metal parts will enforce it's durability allowing it to fire a stronger beam without adverse effect).

Damage inflicted in Gunpla Battles can occur in real, thus if a machine is, for example - beheaded - then the gunpla will retain said damage after the battle concludes. However, this seems to depend on the game settings.

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