Three customized Gunplas of the AGE line.

Gunplas are model kits of various Mechas and machines. They are primarly manufactured by several companies in Orb. They can be bought in Hobby stores or ordered online.


Gunpla became popular during the late 2560's, when a Orb Toy company called Asobi Vault began manufacturing and selling 1/144 Scale plastic models of MBF-M1 Astrays of the Orb Military,and later began manufacturing 1/144 models of other Nations machines through contracts, most notable models were the RGM-109 Heavygun, Type-94 Tekdola, and MSA-03 Nemo. Gunpla kits can be customized by using interchangable parts and can be set up in Diorama sets.

Gunpla BattleEdit

See main article:Gunpla Battle for more information.

Aside from being used in Diorama sets, Gunplas and their builders can participate in Gunpla Battles, a game where Gunplas are used to fight each other and are piloted by their respective builders.


Gunpla sets are usually classified into 5 different Grades,with each grade having higher quality than the previous grade.

No GradeEdit


High GradeEdit


Master GradeEdit

Real GradeEdit

Perfect GradeEdit

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