Sangheili, Cyborg






2.16 Meters

Eye Colour



Completely cybernetic except for brain, some vital organs, and parts of head


  • Exon
  • Droid Legion




Multipliable light swords


Grievous is as merciless as he is cold hearted, he cared not for his mens lives in the war and would risk hundreds of lives just for a small victory. After his operation nothing much changed, he leads the Droids as he did his men back on Sanghelios but actually prefering Droids for their designs and how they listen to him without question. He is skilled with close range weaponry, favouring the light swords he has collected over the years. When he was offered body guards from the Exon Ghosts he refused as he cared not for soilder who died and instead had Droid bodyguards created instead. Due to his organic form not taking well to his cyborg implants Grevious suffers with irritating cough and weezing fits.


Qymaen Sheelal was born on Sanghelios and from a young age was military trained, like most Elites he was apart of the Covenant-UNSC war where he was a feared Field Marhsall on the battlefield. After the war Qymaen returned home to find his wife and family killed by a Brute Chieftain. Heartbroken Qymaen renamed himself Grievous and turned all his anger and grief towards the Jiralhanae. After years of hunting down Jiralhanae that were left from the war Grievous was forced to stop once he reached Exon, the ruler at the time convinced Grievous that the Jiralhanae that were on Exon were no more than slaves. Grievous stopped his hunt but before he could leave he was offered a chance to become a General for the Exon army. He agreed and joined Exons forces. Years later during the war between the UCR and the UNSC Grievous was heavly injured during a ship crash, he lost most of his limbs and there was barley anything left of him. He was kept in the Exon hopstial until the war was over and around this time Grievous was offered something else, he was offered another chance at life as long as he agreed to command the newly formed Droid Legion. Once again Grievous agreed and was soon worked on by A.L.I.E.N and became the cyborg general of the Droid Legion.

Skills and abilitiesEdit

Before Grievous became a cyborg he was already a skilled light sword weilder, after the operation he became even better. Able to think ahead of his enemy and out speed them he has become even more deadlier. He is able to seperate his arms and have four instead this makes him a very deadly foe to fight in combat and none have every survived an encounter with him.