"Humble Beginings" Edit

Oliver, or Green Arrow, grew up as the son of a multibillionare. Unlike other children from Exon he was blessed with great education, good parents, etc due to his fathers wealth. After his father's passing he took over the family business and expanded the company to such an extent that the top company of weapons and biological marvels (Weylan Yutani Corp) were starting to become weary of his rise, not to mention Oliver's well known intent to shut Wey-Yu down due to rights violations. Weyland Yutani had his craft shot down over Exon II (a winter tundra planet year round) after a donation of several millions of dollars to improve villages on Exon II.

Survival Edit

After barely surviving the crash Oliver was hopelessy lost and helpless. He grew to adapt to his surroundings by using a makeshift long bow and a small cave as shelter and means of food. He survived for approximatley 3 months in the Exon tundra, an impressive feat for any man, until a passing military chopper caught sight of him and brought him home. After noticing that his bank assets where gone and his name near wiped from the galaxy Green arrow used his skills with the arrow and stolen technology from Weyland Yutani to become the Green Arrow.

History Edit

- Green Makes a name for himself on the streets of New Moscow where crime is heavy -