Shock Army Edit

Attached to the Special Warfare and Intelligence Division, Graka is a seasoned fighter dating back to the Human-Covenant war. Although his ideology to keeping after his squad in terms of grooming and dress standards as well as over all lax rules that often leads to unprofessional conduct in the presence of superior officers somewhat makes him unpopular among higher ranking military officials. Disregarding this he maintains an extremely healthy relationship amongst most of his men, going as far as to going to retraining with the recruits of his platoon every year, as well as a surprisingly low casualty count for a shock unit.

Plan 'B' Edit

His platoon is normally referred to as "Plan B" as they are commonly on standby for units doing espionage and general sabotage of enemy units. He is a popular pick for Joint-Operations as he is fully capable of leading retaliation strikes if an OP goes bad. As with most 3rd Shock Army units, they are all veterans in a wide array of situations.