Grace O'malley
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ARM 6-Mako








  • Space Dandies(re-established)
  • Core (Formerly)




Smuggler, Thief, Pirate

Grace is a pirate and is the captain of the the Aracadia.

Personality Edit

Grace, despite her reputation as a dangerous and deadly pirates is nothing more than a happy-go-lucky goof ball, whose cheerful and optimistic demeanour gives hope to her crew . Grace enjoys the benefits that come from being an outlaw, mostly the attention and the money. She constantly harasses Scotia, claiming she will marry her one day, however this does not stop her from hitting on other girls. 


Grace was born on the Mako Space colony in 2547. Her mother died when she was very young and was instead mostly raised by her father. Her father ran a smuggling ring of ARM 6 of Mako, him and his gang called themselves the Space Dandies.

When Grace's father died of a gun shot wound in 2557, Grace was given command of the Space Dandies and naturally took to her new leadership role. She would continue her fathers work up until 2573 when Mako was attacked.

During the attack by the Vagans, Grace and her men took up arms, defending civilians on the street.

When Grace caught wind of Core Rebellion she decided to take part along with her men. Eventually Grace was given the command of a captured UCR ship which he redubbed The Arcadia.

After the Core Rebellion became the Core Union, Grace and her crew stole the Arcadia and use it as their pirate ship for the newly reformed Space Dandies. The ship mainly docks on Omega where the Space Dandies have a hold over the local black market.

Grace had a run in with Fox McCloud who had came to take her in for a bounty. However Grace managed to outwit the fox and blew up his ship.

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