The Gotengo (Formerly the Atragon) is a submersible Space battleship used by the JSDF. Having served for decades and going through an extensive refit, the Gotengo continues to be in use, though was transfered from the Wet Navy to the Space Navy, and then to the Kaiju Countermeasures Center.


The Atragon was one of the first advanced weapons built by the JSDF shortly after colonizing Nippon. It was most notably used in advanced operations when the JSDF allied with the UCR during the NDE conflict. During this time, it saw several missions against typical military strength as well as mystical forces.

NDE conflictEdit

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Destruction of the UCR Black KnightEdit

When Zack Hydra entered another rampage and devastated the UCR Black Knight, the Atragon was among the JSDF and UCR military units sent in response to the attack. Proving to be a disastrous fight, many units were destroyed and the Atragon was badly damaged. However, the Atragon managed to use its missiles to bring down a mountain on top of Zack once the monster fell in a crevice created by an Earthquake. After this, the UCR and JSDF transported the monster to JSDF space, with the Atragon in tow to be repaired and refit.


The Atragon underwent several enhancements, including new and more modern weapons, armor, propulsion, Spaceflight abilities, and was renamed the Gotengo. It also was transferred from the Wet Navy to the Space Navy. The new battleship was used in a few operations before it was reassigned to the Kaiju Countermeasures Center.



The Atragon


Length: 150 meters
Height: 38 meters
Mass: 10,000 tons


  • Flight at Mach 2
  • Surface Water traversal at 80 knots
  • Submersion at very deep depths at 50 knots
  • Burrowing through planetary crust
  • Spaceflight


  • x4 Electronic Particle Cannons
  • x3 Deck Cannons
  • Missile Launchers
  • x2 Giant Rotating Saw Blades
  • x1 Large Drill
  • Equipped with powerful electric field generator used either for contact with the ship or from a distance
  • x1 Absolute Zero cannon for freezing targets
Gotengo 2

The Gotengo


Length: 150 meters                                                                                             Height: 45 meters                                                                                                     Mass: 10,000 tons


  • Flight at Mach 3
  • Surface Water traversal at 90 knots
  • Submersion to superior depths at 80 knots
  • Burrowing through planetary crust
  • Spaceflight and short range FTL
  • Small hangar containing 4 Fighters


  • x1 Large Drill
  • Absolute Zero Cannon
  • High-powered Maser Cannon
  • x4 Electronic Particle Cannons
  • Missile Launchers
  • Energy-Transfer Beam

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