G-Directorate's main hub

"Welcome to Good Directorate Inc, your home for cutting edge technology since 2412" 

Overview Edit

Good Directorate Inc, is one of many companies that are profiteering on abandoned planets and resources. Their symbol is a large G displayed on all their manufactured items and company owned buildings. Especially eye catching is the giant cube shaped Good Directorate building towering it's main manufacturing planet. They also own many dead and inhospitable planets collectively known as  Dead Zones.


  • Finances: The G-Directorate has been known to process it's employee's earnings through it's own banking system.
  • Textiles: G-Directorate manufactured special clothing for it's employees like Epsilon's fireproof jacket. These appear to be not for sale to the public.
  • Dead-Zone-Tourism-Department: Guided tours into the Dead Zones on distant planets for scientists and tourists. The G-Directorate gave the tour-guides special training and seems to have had specially designed vehicles (death zone crawlers) for difficult terrain. The vehicles had inbuilt transmitter-devices to allow ANNET to observe from anywhere, though these were pretty unreliable.
  • Research:The creation of new luxuries using found technology (Such as security and robotics) and experimental human testing (Genetics).
  • ANNET: G-Directorate's central A.I. Humans were able to connect to "her" using a neural interface, this however is still in the testing phase
  • Military Contracts: From time to time G-Directorate will take on contracts from various governments, most recently they have agreed to create and test a new line of general supplies for UNSC troops



Waste Allocation Load Lifter: Earth class - Or more commonly referred to as WALL-Es. This unit was originally designed to compress and compact trash and waste for easier management.  The company head  envisioned them to help Earth with it's increasing trash production. However after talks with the UEG died down they were relocated to the growing Dead Zones the Good Directorate had acquired, for preparation of the oncoming tourism boom. Sadly this seemed to be the end for the current model as their designs were not properly suited for many of the planets environments. Only a small handful exist in working condition to this day, and only a small percentage of that are not still in company hands.


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